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TubeBuddy Suggestion "Save For Later" comment filter

Beanie Draws

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So I'm really enjoying the hide feature so I can hide comments from stories showing up among my other comments "not yet replied to"

However, there's a good handful of comments I want to answer later (such as asking for a video I haven't finished yet, asking about prints that are not yet available, or a longer comment that requires a longer reply that I don't have the mental energy for at the time) and some of those comments "bog down" the easy to reply to comments

I mean, I guess I could just "hide" them and then reply to them later, or unhide them?, but it would be nice to have a seperate filter for "reply to later" (a bit like "watch later" for videos you want to dedicate special time to but don't have the time or energy to commit to right now)

I've currently got about 20+ comments I want to leave for later, but I don't want to hide them among the story comments etc.

So "save for later" or "reply to later" filter would be really handy :)
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