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Need Advice best time to post video on YouTube


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I have played around with days and times but to be honest, after a few days each of my videos reach the average amount of views.
So I just try to release them at a consistent time, usually twice per week for me..


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in general ways the best time to upload your video in weekdays in between 2 and 4 PM and in evening 7 to 10 PM .because its mostly internet active zone time. and also we have one more option that you must install TubeBuddy in your PC than you can check out when are most of your subscribers comes online then you should upload video after analyzing your comfort.
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I post my videos whenever they are ready, but since I run a fishing channel the weekends are always the best time to post a video. So, for my fishing adventure videos I almost always post those on a Friday or Saturday, maybe as early as a Thursday. The tutorials and product highlight videos I post whenever I finish editing them.


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Hope this will help some of you who are still not sure what's the best time to post

This works if you've already uploaded a few videos on YouTube, otherwise there's no data for YouTube to tell you

Here's how
  1. Go to your 'YouTube Studio
  2. Click on Analytics
  3. Click on Audience
  4. Scroll down until you see this

View attachment 9347

YouTube will show you exactly what time on which day of the week your viewers on YouTube!

The "darker" the shade of purple, the MORE of your viewers are on YouTube at that time.
Just move your mouse over and you'll see more information like this

View attachment 9348

Hope you found this helpful!
I'll probably make a video on this soon on my YouTube channel where I share YouTube growth tips
not showing with small channel with less viewer, I don't know when it's start to show. Mine already have almost 10 thousands of views, but still not showing.