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Video Review Channel Trailer!? Is is good or not?

Lil Piffy

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User name: Lil Piffy
Title of thread: Channel Trailer!? Is is good or not?
Self review: i think it was edited well at the start i wanted it to look like i had just sat down at my set up then zoom into the monitor and then it go to me talking a little about my channel the lightening i had sucked but other than that how did it go i am still trying to adjust to talking infront of a camera etc but i want feedback so i know how i can improve
Channel review or Video review? Video review

Link to Video:
View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ATKIOSVCrnQ

Link to other review post: https://community.tubebuddy.com/index.php?threads/24480/

Hamiltonville Farm

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I wouldn't subscribe to you after you called me a b^tch. If you are looking for sponsorship in the future, my assumption is most businesses don't like foul language. Other than that, it was a decent trailer. fast paced.

Beanie Draws

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To be honest, if I wasn't reviewing, I would have closed the trailer before you sat down because I don't have time to watch someone else's idea of cinematics (that will sound harsh, but in reality, people don't really care about what strangers feel, they want you to get right to the point)

The lighting definitely could be improved, though to be honest, the lighting improved later in which makes me think you have "auto exposure" turned on which will manually adjust the exposure for the lighting. The start was mostly a white wall so it will darken down to allow the white to be exposed more which means you turned darker, and as you came into frame, there was less white showing which meant it manually adjusted to brightening up the frame. Turning off auto exposure should help that.

The music was too loud. I didn't mind the choice of music, but I'd turn it down 20-40% because it overpowers you. Normally if I heard music being more powerful than the talking I'll just close the video.

I also agree with the above. I normally don't mind a bit of language, but it seemed like it was just added in at the end for "cool" factor and to be "edgy". you don't need it.

I'd edit out the first 7 seconds, and I'd edit out the b at the end, turn off auto exposure to make sure your lighting is consistent, and lower the music volume by half :)

Mac in HD

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I have to agree with Beanie if you are doing a trailer it needs to get straight to the point and tell me exactly why i am watching your channel and why i should subscribe.

Asking if you enjoy people watching other people playing games and the rest of that monologue doesn't really tell us what the channel is about, what makes it different and why we should watch it. is it about reviewing game play? commentary? compilations? or what? after that you say that you are Piffy the Northern Ireland gamer. it only takes three seconds but its a waste of time because if im seeing it im already on your channel i can see your name is Piffy so rather tell me what you are all about.

I also felt like you were talking too quickly, you just need to relax, get the words out and a slower speed. perhaps you just are a fast talker or maybe its nerves infront of the camera.

personally i find the sheet to be distracting. its not bad if its just plain white but the creases in the material are distracting and this should be placed further back from you so that your chain doesn't rub against it and cause it to move which is also distracting.

and i think everything else has been mentioned by the other guys.


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The background sheet distracted me. All I could think of is grabbing an iron. The language at the end is unwanted. Calling a viewer a name at the end just made me think- I've been gaming since the Atari 2600 and as a 47 year old woman you got nothing on me. Settle down and edit it that out.