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Thumbnail Feedback How Necessary to Change My Thumbnails for My Channel?


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Hello everyone

I am working to focus on my YT channel and develop it further. I have sporadically been working on it as I produce my public access series for the last couple of years. And now I have over 170 videos. Most of which are 28 minutes show episodes. I produce quality award winning show productions. But as of right now I only have 108 subscribers.

When I upload my show episodes I select among the thumbnail options that YT provides at the end of the process. Those thumbnails are scenes from my show episodes. My question to the group is how important is it to replace all the thumbnails from the existing scene moments I have now to something that is more graphical with text that would cover a portion of a scene image or replace the scene image entirely with something totally different?

For the kinds of shows that I produce would it really make a dramatic difference in the reception to my videos?

David "Glamour Dave" Nienow

Tito Tim

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I make my own thumbnails for every video. I know, for me, the thumbnail is the main thing that grabs my attention when I am looking for a video to watch. An eye catching (but honest) thumbnail is very important. Your SEO gets your video searched, the title & thumbnail get you clicks, the content keeps them watching & (hopefully) coming back.
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