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Shocking - will make you angry! Why we need to support #FurBan #StopKillingFoxes

Do you think fashion fur should be banned?

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According to the Humane Society International, millions of animals suffer and die every year for fashion. Their fur is turned into trinkets or trim on coats and hats and full fox fur coats. It is unbelievably heartbreaking to hear and see inhumane treatment and slaughter of innocent and beautiful animals! We're fox parents and have two pet foxes, Gaia and Inali, who we love dearly! It angers me to see fur used as fashion! Fox fur belongs to foxes! People would be appalled, as they should if their cats and dogs were used as clothing! Our cause is to help people see foxes as amazing beings living in their own natural wild habitat or as pets from certified and responsible people who raise domesticated foxes. We're working to create awareness for people to view domesticated foxes as other pets such as cats and dogs.

We may not be able to stop the use of all animal products, but banning fur as clothing is a feasible and reachable goal. I ask for your help with this cause and creating a paradigm shift.

#FoxLife - http://bit.ly/2oT32wv - #SaveFoxes #BanFashionFur #FurFreeFashion #BanFur #FurBan #FoxFur belongs to #Foxes

STATS- https://www.hsi.org/news-media/fur-trade/
TAKE ACTION - https://www.hsi.org/issues/fur/
NEWS- Prada Group goes fur-free
MacyΓÇÖs Will Stop Selling Fur Products by 2021
American retail chain Macy's to go fur-free
Fashion retailers turn animal-friendly
California ban on new fur products is first in US https://www.foxnews.com/politics/california-becomes-first-state-to-ban-sale-of-new-fur-products
BANNED AREAS - https://www.furfreealliance.com/fur-bans/
FUR-FREE RETAILERS - https://furfreeretailer.com/