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Meet Pet Foxes Gaia and Inali


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Hello everyone - I'm so glad to be a part of a YouTuber community! Here's some info about my channel and why we created it. :)

Meet Gaia and Inali - 2 funny adorable pet foxes! Learn a bunch of interesting facts you didn't know about foxes. What is it really like to have tame pet foxes?

Top 3 facts you must know before considering a pet fox: 1) Foxes are not for everyone. 2) Never take a fox from the wild. 3) Do your research and prepare.

Do you have questions like: Are foxes pets? What is it like to have a pet fox? How do I care for a fox? What do foxes eat? What does the fox say? How do I get a pet fox? To answer your questions, COMING SOON step-by-step instructions and how to video: Guide on How to Raise Pet Foxes and Keep Your Sanity!
View: https://youtu.be/5unK_glLdJw
More background information in our video descriptions and pinned comments. Gaia is a white marble and Inali is a pearl/smoke color variation from the red/silver fox species. If you are considering getting your own cutie, be sure to check with your state, county or township rules and ordinances. It is better to have all of this worked out before you take your little foxy home. If you have a fox and it is not permissible by where you live, they can be confiscated, and unfortunately, be put down. So do your research! Be ready for a fun adventure but also be ready for a big-time commitment! They're like raising a cat, dog and toddler all in one - but so worth it!

Please note: Gaia and Inali were not taken from the wild. Never take a wild animal from the wild. Where can I get a pet fox? We brought them home from a USDA licensed breeder who has been raising foxes for more than forty years (Tiny Tracks in Indiana). Our foxes are from a long-line of domesticated foxes. Humans are primates who came from the wild. We now enjoy the comforts of modern-day lifestyles, as do our foxes. You see in our videos how our foxes interact with us and are happy. As humans, Gaia and Inali are happy to be free from parasites, ticks and fleas and the diseases they carry. They're free from fear of being hunted. They're free from extreme heat and sub-zero temperatures. Gaia and Inali are happy and a part of our family- not prisoners or deprived of the wild. We do take them outside at times to play and dig but they prefer to be inside. Gaia and Inali are just like anyone elseΓÇÖs dog or cat as far as living together with humans. You would never image throwing your cat or dog out into the wild to try and fend for themselves and survive. That is very cruel. Foxes are an emerging domesticated species just like dogs were at one time. Most domesticated fox lineages are rescues from fur farms. We created this channel so people have information as to what they may be getting into since foxes demand more than cats and dogs. You need to earn a foxes trust. We are responsible adults and knew what we were committing to before we brought Gaia and Inali home. We did extensive research, checked our laws and got permission from our local authorities. We make sure to provide them with the best home, the best food, the best vet care and with so much love as we do our children.

Fox Fur is for Foxes - Not Fur Coats!
It is unbelievably heartbreaking to hear of and see inhumane treatment and slaughter of innocent and beautiful animals! It angers me to see fur used as fashion! Fox fur belongs on foxes! People would be appalled, as they should, if their cats and dogs were used as clothing! Our cause is to help people see foxes as amazing beings living in their own natural wild habitat or as pets from certified and responsible people who raise domesticated foxes. WeΓÇÖre working hard to create awareness for people to view domesticated foxes as other pets such as cats and dogs. We created our educational channel to show just that http://bit.ly/2oT32wv. If you'd like to partner and have a part in our videos or channel to help raise awareness, please leave your contact information in the comments. We may not be able to stop the use of all animal products, but banning fur as clothing is a feasible and reachable goal. We ask for your help with this cause and creating a paradigm shift so domesticated foxes are seen as pets and stop the fur industry! Thank you!