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How To Make Money on YouTube without Adsense (7 EASY Ways to Passive Income)

Alan Spicer

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Make money online without YouTube adverts - How much money can YouTubers earn without adsense? There are many ways you can make money online via YouTube and that doesn't need to be the partnership program. I use these methods to work full time as a consultant within the YouTube space but these can be used for your business too.

View: https://youtu.be/eZnFLvULgYY

0:37 - Make Money Online with Product Reviews - Find something you have in your home or you was going to buy anyway wand review it in a video. Sign up for the Amazon Affiliate program and add the link to the product into your video or social media caption/post. The more videos/posts you have the more links people can find and has a 7-28 days cookie to track user behaviour and sales.

1:22 - Make Passive Income Online with Affiliate Marketing (Reviewing Services) - This is like reviewing a product but more of a direct company connection rather than a product on Amazon. I have connections with Rev for Subtitles, PlaceIt for YouTube Graphics, TubeBuddy for YouTube Ranking and others but when you click on my links I am given credit and will make a small fee. You can do the same for almost ANY business these days.

2:20 - Make Money Online with Livestream Donations - YouTube offered Superchat donations to all its YouTube Partnership Program members but you can also do this without being YouTube Monetized. You can accept donations via Venmo, Paypal.me links and integrations with software such as Streamlabs or Streamlabs by OBS.

3:03 - Make Money Online with Patreon Crowdfunding - Patreon is a crowd funding membership site that allows you to offer perks and benefits for members to donate to you monthly. This is like YouTube Memberships but with a 3rd party website that doesn't take a large slice of the income, and doesn't need 30K+ subs for a normal creator to setup.

4:25 - Make Money Online with Digital Downloads - If you have the skill to make something you can resell this could be a great way to pour some time into doing and then set a reasonable price to make a rolling passive income. For example eBooks, template packs, graphic works or in my case maybe a YouTube Branding Starter Kit. Other creators take this a step further and make online courses and mentor programs for a monthly fee for example Roberto Blake.

5:37 - Generate Business Leads with YouTube - if you can create content that set you up as an expert in your niche you can then leverage that for business leads, sales and maybe ongoing income. I make a large percentage of my personal income from this method and can help grow a business with a stable foundation.

6:58 - Make Money on YouTube with Merchandise - TShirts, Hoodies, Teddy Bears, mugs and more - all through fulfillment providers like TeeSpring or SpreadShirt