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Thumbnail Feedback Feedback on Thumbnail for a later Halloween video



Greetings, As some of you, know I run a gaming channel. For Halloween, I have chosen to upload a let's play video over a game of my choosing. The game itself is rather mild, I added things to the video to give more of the "holiday spirit" if ya know what I mean but I am not sure if I did a decent job with it. The intent with the thumbnail was to indicate that the game did something to me other than induce fear. Feedback on design and how well this creates curiosity about the content of the video would be appreciated, thank you. Note: This is not a promotion of any video...
DPTG Thumbnail.png


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Hello @mcnakahr,

Here are my thoughts on the thumbnail. The text seems a slight bit blurry because of the shadows behind it so it could make it a bit annoying to look at in a search. I think that shadow trick would work better on the face image. Makes it look creepier. Maybe the text could use a light-colored stroke (white, yellow or maybe light blue) to negate the blurry look a bit. But definitely consider adding a similar shadow trick to the face, that would definitely look better in my opinion.

Of course, this is just my 2 cents. It doesn't mean the thumbnail is bad. It's just how I personally would make it.


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The effects on the face is quite well done. Suitable for a Halloween video. Seeing your info on the top right corner in that way is a nice touch too. The font however hurts my eyes quite a bit. I understand that that might be the intended effect as it is for Halloween, but perhaps find one that's still creepy, but more comfortable for some eyes?

Other than that this was well done.
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