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Video Review Trying to edit my videos more ...NEED Feedback


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I like the music. It sounded good. I didn't expect this to be a "Let's Play". What game are you playing? You could put the game's nae in the title. It will also improve the likelihood of others finding it. Is this what you were looking for? I'm actually not a gamer.


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Let's plays aren't really for me, but I can comment on the other aspects. The editing is fine, but I noticed some stuff goes by way too quickly like in 2:25. The sound mixing also felt off with some of the vocal samples like in 2:38. The music (which was a good choice), and your voices complement each other well, but they are too quiet compared to the rest of the sound mixing.

I do like how the more uneventful stuff gets sped up. It is a good idea to have something humorous happen in the beginning of the video, but I felt like the one chosen is way too quick to even know what's going on.

Other than that, I thought this was well done, although as I'm not a fan of let's plays I can't comment on the personalities and the let's play aspect of it.


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Overall I think the quality is excellent. Things I would change are your Title, Lets Playing should be Lets Play and maybe a shorter overall title. Tags we good but didn't see let's Play in the tags. Length was a bit long for my taste, maybe breaking it up into more videos would be better? Overall great quality.

Just Lennart

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I think the content, editing and Sound are spot on.

My biggest concern though, is the lenght of it. Have You been though your analitics, to check up on how long your viewers watch the video?

For me, I love stuff like this. And, I subscribed in an instant.
But, I could be worried for you, that you will lose a lot of viewers after 10 minuttes. Perhaps even sorter time spand then this.

I know there is a great deal of difference between game play, and highlights.
You are still a small channel. And havent build a solid foundation yet. You will get there, no doubt. But Best advice is to see if you cant make 5 minuts videos. An example. 5 videos at 3-5 minuts. Then 1 long game play. Then 5 again.

But Im sticking around you guys. You two have a good Co-game going. And I appreciate that.