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Life Do you Loved ones know about your presence online?


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More and more people I know from home are finding out I do YouTube, and I work here at TubeBuddy!

My question is do people you know IRL know about what you do on YouTube/ Online?

How do you handle/ deal with that?

Asking for a friend.... XD

Beanie Draws

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Well all my family know now, and my dad will often show my grandmother my videos and IΓÇÖve noticed my cousin commenting and watching more now which is really cool. Overall though my promotion for it is organic. If they find it, cool, but IΓÇÖll only share with a select group of friends.

ive always been known for my art, so posting to youtube isnΓÇÖt really that surprising to anyone, itΓÇÖs just a differant format now :cool:
I think my family treat it as a hobby of mine that theyΓÇÖre keeping an eye on to see what I make out of it. Never been any judgement, just compliments :cool:


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I just don't talk about it lol.

My family found out that I made YT videos when I started working for TB, and I had some people IRL who knew I did YT, but that's about it. I talk nothing about the subject nor about any videos I'm working on. If I do, it's super vague. But also remember that my family's religious and I'm still testing the water on how they think about gays :p So...


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No hardly. IΓÇÖve mentioned it to My Mom, sheΓÇÖs back home in California. DonΓÇÖt think sheΓÇÖs too aware I do it. My sister knows and has been supportive about it. Seems to think itΓÇÖs interesting. My sonΓÇÖs father knows but for some bizarre reason thinks itΓÇÖs for attention. Oh well I do it for me and my subscribers. If ever one day IΓÇÖm able to make a living off of it and or have hundreds of thousands more subscribers I may share my success irl.

Steve the Barman

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My Mum does....and probably about 20 of my closet Business friends, but neighbours and friends don't comprehend it. It's that weird thing. The general population of the UK don't really understand YouTube. So when you tell them, they look at you in sheer confusion. The general feeling i get is that in the US, YouTube is a MUCH bigger deal than it is in the UK. But thats from an outsider looking in. Take my City of Cambridge, You'd be lucky if you found 10 people that physically uploaded a Video to YouTube on a weekly basis, or took it seriously. Most people see it as a way to promote their business with 4-5 videos that explains what the business does. But thats about it.