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Hi Star! Congrats on making the move to YouTube! There are some great channels you can draw a lot of inspiration from with photography and graphic design for sure! One of my personal favourites is Think Media owned by Sean Cannell, and he teamed up with Benji Travis and the own Video Influencers together, both channels are amazing. You'll have a hundred ideas in no time if you check out those channels haha! I'd highly recommend tackling things in a different way to set yourself apart. Take a look at Peter McKinnon, Chris Hau, James Matthews, Cody Wanner, Case Neistat to see what they do to differentiate themselves. They are amazing at what they do, just be yourself and be authentic and you can go far! Wishing you the very best! My channel is all about YouTube tips and growth strategies so if I can help you in any way, just give me a shout!
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