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Work In Progress Thumbnail artificial intelligence


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Since it is important to increase CTR which ultimately depends on the thumbnail I wish TubeBuddy develope artificial intelligence (AI) to make thumbnails

Following are the point
1. Autoanalyze thumbnails of the ranking videos on youtube and recommend colors, fonts size, etc to stand out
2. Maybe Al auto design thumbnail that can earn more clicks
3. Auto adjust contrast to catch the thumbnail attention etc
4. Ability to predict how the custom thumbnail will perform that I designed compared to auto-suggested auto designed thumbnail and that of already ranking videos by Al
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Just out of curiosity. Do you think this feature should add to the cost of the subscription? A company like Google, who has an amazing AI system that analyzes images, is potentially unable to accomplish even one of these features at the moment and they are a billion-dollar company. I'm not sure TubeBuddy could create such a program with this many features and incorporate it in their tiers? Even the Legend tier might not be able to cover the cost of such a feature.

It's a nice dream not sure what the devs will think.
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hope I will be able to use this feature for free for lifetime

The video in this thread explains how we handle rewarding people for ideas :D