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Video Review Looking for some Strong Honest Feedback

Mythic Dwellers

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User name: Mythic Dwellers
Title of thread: Looking for some Strong Honest Feedback
Self review: I spend a lot of time editing and producing all my videos, I try my best to focus on creating quality over quantity. I feel like ive done a good job with my SEO since i am trying to rank in search. I am looking for any type of feedback, dont worry about hurting my feelings as-long as you're providing constructive feedback!
Link to video:
View: https://youtu.be/zPqRGHbXroc

Link to other review post: https://community.tubebuddy.com/index.php?threads/22301/post-59597
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You've obviously worked hard to put this together, I can't comment on the actual content as I've never played the game. But from a technical point of view my only suggestion would be to try to eliminate the pops on the mic. Maybe invest in a microphone pop shield? Or alternatively place the mic to the side and not face on, which may help.

All the best for reaching your goals.


I never knew about the differences in classes Oblivion. I used to play that game a lot and I didn't choose anything besides human and I forgot which class but I realize now I've been missing out. This video was very well put together and I liked the intro animation and the visuals that went along with your explanations.


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Hey Mythical Dwellers!! funny enough, I had seen this exact video 3 weeks ago through my recomendations.

I`m kinda aware of the effort done by just cropping, placing animations, editting our voice, and synching everything in a natural way. In case you want to give a step even further, I would recomend you to use more SFX
they give some great dynamics, not just for the flow of the video, but to catch our attention to "important things". Technically speaking, that would be the only way i could advice you as your subscriber hahah

Work hard! you are great at what you do man ;)