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Official What to discuss in Off-Topic Discussions!

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Hello TubeBuddy Community!

If there isn't a specific forum section for what you want to discuss, discuss it here! While this forum is about TubeBuddy and YouTube we wanted a place where we can discuss things outside of it. Things like hobbies, passions, sports, automotive, pets, etc. Discuss them here!

As always all forum rules apply! Here are some examples we'd like to see here with the prefixes:
  • Automotive - Do you like cars...CARS? This is the prefix for all things automotive!
  • Food - Are you a foodie? Food is one thing that can bring us ALL together! Let's talk food with this prefix!
  • Gaming - Are you a 1337 Gamer? Do you loving pwning noobs? This is the prefix for all the MLG gamers out there.
  • Life - Want to talk about changes in your life, holidays, family, pets, etc. This is the prefix for you!
  • Movies/TV - Are you into cinema and television? Want to talk about it? This is the prefix for you!
  • Music - Want to talk about that the latest Bop. This is the section for our music peeps.
  • Opinion - That's just like... you're opinion man. So share it with this prefix!
  • Other - This is for everything that doesn't fit in other prefixes!
  • Sports - Want to talk about the GAME? This is the prefix for you!


[We got bored describing the prefixes]

If you'd like a prefix to be added that isn't displayed here, you can suggest that in our feature request section using the forum suggestion prefix.

Thank you for reading! We look forward to many discussions!

- @Moderators
Not open for further replies.