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Official Gear Discussion | What we want to see!

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Hello TubeBuddy Community!

Welcome to the gear discussion section! Here we want to talk about all things gear related to YouTube. Like all our sections, we have prefixes to help guide the conversation with what we want to see! As always all forum rules apply! Here are some examples:
  • Audio Gear - This can be about microphones, headphones, speakers, deals, etc. Anything audio related in the content creation process!
  • Camera Gear - This can be about new cameras, lenses, tripods, accessories, deals, etc. Anything related to cameras!
  • Editing Software - Whether it's free or premium anything editing related from PC to Mobile! Adobe Suite, DaVinci Resolve, Final Cut Pro, Imovie, Windows Movie Maker, etc.
  • Gear Advice - Are you seeking advice or looking to give advice on gear? This is the prefix for you!
  • Gear News - Want to talk about the latest gear; camera, mic, tripod, etc. This is the prefix for you!
  • Gear Opinion - Have an opinion on a new or old piece of gear? Want to share experiences you had? This is the prefix of choice!
  • Gear Question - Want to see what the community thinks of a piece of gear? This is the prefix for you! [If you need support contact that brand directly!]
  • Mobile Gear - Have a question about a phone to record with? Need advice on mobile accessories for film making? This is the right prefix! [Or ask Dee Nimmin]
If you want to share a link to a website related to that gear. It must be a credible site within the gear space. This can be sites such as bhphoto.com, or a manufacturer's site directly like www.usa.canon.com. NO AFFILIATE LINKS ARE ALLOWED.

If you'd like a prefix to be added that isn't displayed here, you can suggest that in our feature request section using the forum suggestion prefix.

Thank you for reading! We look forward to many gear discussions!

- @Moderators
Not open for further replies.