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Forum News Forum Patch Notes [July 2019]

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Hello TubeBuddy Forums!

Welcome to the July Patch Notes! This is your monthly re-cap of changes made to the forums! We want to keep you updated on all of the amazing things we have planned for the forums! The @Moderators and I would love to see your ideas too! If you have any thing you'd like to see let us know as a reply!

  • We' would like to thank our Member of the month of August @EmzChad . To learn more about them: Check out this thread!
  • We will be changing the Comments, Bugs & suggestions forums: https://community.tubebuddy.com/index.php?forums/30/ The reason for this, is that most of the time people post support issues their, and we want a dedicated section for new ideas, so we can make TubeBuddy EVEN better for our users!
  • We wanted to improve YouTube visibility on the forums, The YouTube Subscribe button is back, and helps make it easier for you to see other people's channels after ever post they make! To add your own, learn so by CLICKING HERE!
  • We added support to our forums from the mobile application, so you can now access the TubeBuddy forums Directly from TB mobile: SEE MOBILE
  • We will be revamping the reaction system here on the forum, to make it more clear what users like and don't like. This is in the work, and more information is coming soon! We also have big plans for our Discord too, so if you're not already there we highly recommend starting to engage there too! Thanks for reading!

- Andrew & The TubeBuddy Team!


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