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Video Review What do you guys think?


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Hello @RecklessTy I'm commenting as someone who doesn't know the game that well, but does know YouTube.

I will say it takes a while to get started to the film proper, I 'd be curious the videos AVD - Average Viewer duration. If the intro is too long people might dip out early, and you can see this in the analytics.

Once we did get into the video the gameplay was solid! Maybe if playing with friends ask if they can record too for multiple options, and you can use your track as the main narration. Would be cool, and add to the quality.

There are moments of silence, so during those moments, I'd explain your plan or do something to engage the audience, by asking your friends or the audience a question.

Overall, Technical quality is there. Just be mindful of how a viewer would watch, and what they are expecting/ looking for!


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Hello @RecklessTy,

As a gamer and a Youtuber, like @Andrew, I also comment from the perspective of someone who hasn't played the game however I have watched a lot of gameplay for it and actually own the game.

Your intro is really cool but I agree with Andrew, it's pretty long. I've learned that as a fairly new gaming channel that is still growing short intros are the best way to go to get people to at least recognize your video. But from what I can see you don't actually have a channel intro. This one was specific to this particular game. Here's how I see it as a viewer. If your gonna have an intro try to make it one intro for your channel and not specific to one game if your channel will have a variety of games on it. Also, make sure the intro is short for now. 3 to 6 seconds of intro video is more than enough for a new channel, once more established you can up it to 10 to 12 seconds. Anything longer than that can make people click away before they even get to the gameplay. Also, this may not be a thing for everyone but I tend to take a hint from TV shows where they show a small clip of gameplay before the intro. This helps the viewer get an idea what the gameplay might be about and thus have a better chance of getting them to watch longer. Maybe a clip with a cool action scene but leaving it in suspense. Just a thought.

The gameplay itself was really good and although 12 minutes is not that long for gameplay shorter is always better. I try to target 10 minutes or less based on how I watch other YTer's videos. You definitely have a lot silent moments. Like Andrew suggested you should fill these voids with commentary. The difference between playing the game and recording the gameplay is that when it's just you and the game it's understandable why you don't say much unless it's communicating with your team (friends). But when it's gameplay for Youtube you have to take into account that someone else will be watching and you want to make them feel like you made this gameplay for them so talking to your audience is important. This makes them feel part of the game, makes them feel like you are interacting with them and it helps show you're enjoying the game. This of this as being a livestream and people are watching, how would you act in that instance to keep viewers from leaving and get more to come watch? This can make up for the length of the video.

Last, I recommend adding an outro endscreen to your videos. This not only makes the video seem more professionally made but it allows you to add links to previous videos so viewers have the option to click through to another of your videos. The way it is now it kinda makes the video end abruptly and could confuse viewers who watch till the end.

What I wrote is just my opinion meant to give constructive criticism. Please feel free to take any advice I gave. I'm just here to help out in any way I can. Thank you.

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Hey man,
I do agree with what SAG and Andrew said about the intro being too long, however an intro similar to the one you used would work for a different style of video. A cinematic intro would probably work better in a more heavily edited montage when cinematic's are used constantly throughout the video. Using a long intro like the one you did sets a tone that isn't portrayed throughout the entire video since the second the intro ends the video pacing changes.

The thumbnail used on the video is just a 'still image' from the video that states "Also Starring" this doeskin portray any information to me as a potential viewer. Thumbnails are very important since most people look at them to decide on if they should watch the video. Creating a custom thumbnail that helps a potential viewer know what they are about to watch may increase your CTR (Click through Rate).

Something else you could try is adding additional keywords to the title of the video. Adding descriptive words like Montage or Short Film to the title will help people know what they are clicking on.

Last thing i want to add is utilizing the description to describe in detail what your video is about to help you rank in searches. Repeat the words in your title and tags in easy to read sentences to help the Search engine understand what your video is about so it can rank it on search pages and get your video recommend to people who already watch similar content.

Im not trying to be rude or offensive so i apologize if what i have said comes off as blunt, i am just try to help. Keep up with the dedication!
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I agree also the intro was pretty long it made me want to skip to the see where the actual video was. Attention spans are quick to lose interest in today due to social media so I would say get right to the points. A exciting 6-10 second intro would be better. The gameplay was overall great and you are doing a good job to make it even better I would say engage with the audience a little more to keep them in tune with you. Look at yourself as seeing you play the game what would you want to know or ask, then introduce that in the videos on quiet parts.


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Nice video! The intro was a bit long I took mine out cause it didn't seem like it was doing justice like others have said and I'm in a group on facebook that helps youtubers also your intro wants to be real short and to the point, about 5-10 seconds. Maybe the audio could be adjusted? The game volume seemed like it was louder than I tried hearing the voices. That's something I'm trying to work on as well but overall keep it coming mate!! Wish you luck in the future!