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Movies/TV Spiderman - Far from home


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I gave the movie 5 STARS! like super bright 5 STARS!!! because it was Awesome. I was glued on my sit the whole time, eyes on the screen, and both hands holding the sit.
a lot of action and superb storytelling. Visual FX, is amazing. The Actors, phenomenal!

I didn't yawn, not even once. If i yawn in a movie, or sleep, then thumbs down for me.
My GF who is i just drag in the Movie Theatre, gave it 2 thumbs up. So check it out, and enjoy!


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It was a good film, but I never liked the
news spinning Spidy as bad guy even in the comic. Lucky he has the Night Monkey suit!
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Tito Tim

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We do not get to the city often for movies, as it takes the entire day just to see a movie. Also, we do not get a lot of American movies. This one I wanted to see on the big screen. I took my wife to see it. I thought she would like it. She did. Lots of action, some funny lines, and not too much talkie talkie, or complex plot... she gets lost easily in English movies. She loved this one, as I thought she would.

Far From Home and Spider-Verse were both awesome! Been a good spidey year.
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I can't wait to see where they take it! I'm really excited for phase 4! I loved the movie, and thought it was good!

I did see the twist with mysterio coming a mile away, but that's my knowledge working against me. I thought it was fun to see spidey in a new location, and I think overall with him being unmasked as it will, it will change the MCU for the better!