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Work In Progress Logo design - opinions please


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I don't really know where this fits. It's not a thumbnail. It's not a complete video. Apologies to the moderators if I put it in the wrong spot. I would like to get other creator's opinion on this. I'm working on giving my channel a revamp to clean it up a little bit. Tell me which of these you prefer:

Option A:
Or Option B:

There is a vertical line that separates the two words, but it is hard to see on a white background. If you have dark mode turned on, it's a better representation. I like them both, for different reasons. I am leaning a bit towards one, but I don't want to skew anyone's opinion.

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What a great channel name. "Metal" juxtaposed to "Manglers" makes me think maybe the smooth all caps san serif for "Metal" and the grungier font for "Manglers"

I agree with Aaron about stacked, maybe Manglers even slightly on top of Metal, cutting into the Metal letters.
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I like A, both words with the same font seems to look better to me. I also agree with @Aaron, one on top of the other, maybe the bottom one sticking out a little would look good. All in all it still looks good.
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The top one isn't bad, but have you tried a range of other fonts:? I don't mind it but I think it's craving a more solid sans serif font.... (sans serif means blocky without the "wings" that come out of the bottom of some of the characters) try a blockier font with that grunge style.
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DEFINITELY what you DON'T want to do. It kills your banner on mobile

That banner tells me nothing about your channel though. stacked leaves room for a proper design and info to be added.

Agreed on both of these points. Your banner should answer Who, what, when, how, and why!

Who - Who is posting on the channel?

What type of content are you posting on this channel?

When do you post your content? Monthly, weekly, daily? Etc.

How - How is your channel going to benefit ME the viewer?

Why? - Why should I subscribe to YOU specifically? Ties into the how!