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Answered TubeBuddy Mobile isn't matching with TubeBuddy Browser Extension

Ken of N9000+

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User name: Ken of N9000+
Title of thread: TubeBuddy Mobile isn't matching with TubeBuddy Browser Extension
Request Type TubeBuddy Mobile
Android or (Apple) IOS? Apple IOS
What version of TubeBuddy Mobile? Version 1.6.4

Explain your issue: I have both the TubeBuddy Mobile app on my iPhone X and the TubeBuddy Browser Extension on Google Chrome. However, I've noticed pretty big differences between the two, specifically when it comes to the tag explorer. For example, if I put in the keyword, "past and present perspectives" on the TubeBuddy Mobile app, it says that its search volume is low, competition is average, and overall is fair. However, with the TubeBuddy Browser Extension, it says that its search volume is fair, competition is excellent, optimization is excellent, and overall is excellent. This is unsettling for me because I don't know which to believe since it's the same keyword giving me two radically different results from two TubeBuddy products that are supposed to be on the same page. Can someone please help?
Link your YouTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC620oLu8-Q7OAZFXhCBudDg/


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Hi Ken, sorry you're hitting an issue with scores.

When we launched the new Keyword Explorer (in the browser plugin) a few months back we made some updates to the calculation we use to score keywords. As part of the updates we included more factors in the calculation of the scores to make them more accurate and then tested the new algorithm against hundreds of keywords to validate the changes. So the scores you see in the browser plugin are the more accurate of the two scores.

The scores you see in the mobile app are based on the older method of calculating scores. The data is still valid in most cases, but not as accurate since not as many factors are used to calculate the score. We plan to update the mobile app to use the same scoring system as the browser plugin in the not too distant future, but haven't had a chance to get to it yet due to other priorities. If you'd like to be notified when it gets updated just let me know.

Hopefully that helps, but if you have any other questions please let me know. Thanks!