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Movies/TV New Godzilla!


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Yes! I will say this is the best Godzilla film in the modern age. The human story was cliche, but what can you really expect? At least it was digestible XD

The human story does incorporate well into the fight scenes and I felt like both elements got its fair share of screen time. The battles between titans... were awesome :D A lot of fanservice shots.
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I honestly was 50/50 on it. If you want a good (repetitive) monster fight, then its great. But it fell flat everywhere else at least in my book.
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If you're coming into the film wanting story, you're probably going to be disappointed because the large majority of plot is contrived and stupid (cinema sins are going to have field day with this film) BUT, if you don't care about story and you want some amazingly fun spectacle with great visuals, decent cinematography and big A monsters, you're going to have a lot of fun with this one.
There's one scene in particular which I really loved but I won't go into details because it's pretty spoilery... but lets just say it was a visual spectacle.

Crtisisms of actors and story aside, you don't go into a movie like this expecting anything groundbreaking story wise... you go in expecting some laughs, some "ooooooh" and a lot of popcorn hehe.