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Official How to unlock a forum signature?

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Hello Everyone!

A common question is "What's Allowed in my forum signature!?" First, to gain access to the forum signature, you MUST Have a TubeBuddy Badge, You can learn how to get one [here]

You are allowed to Link the following:

  • Your YouTube Channel
  • Your Website
  • A SINGULAR YouTube Video
  • Any Social Media
  • Subscriber Count
  • Channel Banner
  • Anything following TB forum, and YT rules.

If you want to know how to get there ONCE YOU HAVE YOUR BADGE, click on your account:

Forum Signature.png

Then You're free to edit your signature with the above mentioned rules. Here is what MY Signature looks like!

AK Signature.png

Signatures like all other parts of the forum, are up to moderator approval, and are subject to change if found to violate forum rules!
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