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TubeBuddy News How to see your Patreon Supporters on YouTube!

Do you have a Patreon?

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This so helpful. I can't wait to have a Patreon for my channel when I am ready. :)
Thanks for the share.
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EV Nick

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The idea of personally contributing to a channel with anything more than ad clicks is anathema to me, I must say. I think the whole personal contribution thing is seriously being exploited by large channels. I recently saw a large YTuber who went to a convention, got his camera stolen, and instead of taking it on the chin and using his considerable wealth (you should see where this guy lives), and/or his travel insurance to purchase a new camera, what did he do? He started a GoFundMe campaign and got his followers (who heaven help them are so loyal and gullible) to gleefully shell out for it. It sickened me, and I will never watch another of his videos as long as I live.
I imagine this will not be a popular opinion and I'm very sorry Andrew if this comment is deemed inappropriate for this thread. You know I try my hardest to be a good member of the community.

I have 2 patrons who sponsor me for $1 a month, They originally wanted to send me money for how helpful my channel and i have been helping them with there electric car journey instead i opted for them to sponsor me on patron.
WHY? well because this was the same week the YPP program changed and i'd loose funding for my channel, i invested £1000 in buying camera equipment and microphones the very small amounts i got out of YPP meant i'd of got the investment back in about a years time due to my growth, however the change in YPP meant i lost this patrons with there smaller than YT money helps keep my motivation up to carry on doing YT, unless you near the 500k subs your not going to earn enough money to do YT as a career so patrons help smaller channels like my self who take VAST amounts of my time to make content, Yes i do enjoy making them but would i make weekly videos without some cash for it or buy equipment to make the viewing better, no i more than likely wouldn't.
Also you have to remember that YT paying you for adverts could change at any time or they could stop suggesting your videos and your revenue would drop, Patrons for larger creators are an income that keeps them supported, or even if they got ill and couldn't make content .

For example https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3KEoMzNz8eYnwBC34RaKCQ
has a brain tumour, she won't be making any new content for a while, but thanks to the fact she has patrons shows that income will help pay for the time she can't earn extra revenue from new videos