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YouTube Question is starting out on youtube supposed to be this hard?!


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i am curious as to having over 300 videos and 491 subscribers after 15 years, is something wrong with what i am doing?

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Yes. Yes I believe it should be this hard. I enjoy the content that I see on YouTube and I think they do a pretty good job not only of feeding me the content that I have come to enjoy but also feeding me new content as well as predicting the things that I may like going forward. I do not want the content that is being served to me to be watered-down with cheesy, home videos made by creators with seven videos under their belt. I want to see the content from creators who have put their time, sweat and tears into their content. I want to see content from creators who have libraries of videos.
And I want to be the best. I don't want to be the best creator on a pile of half-baked videos put out by people who never took the time to learn how to edit. I want my name associated with great artists and filmographers. If this was easy then everyone would be doing it, everyone would have a million subscribers and there would be zero value in the overall content of the platform and zero value in having a million subscribers.
YouTube is hard. It is not for everyone. But understand that this is not a bad thing. If you don't put in the work then there is nothing to appreciate. This hard work fosters pride, it should challenge you to create better works of art and inspire others.


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I firmly believe that is if you post good quality and relevant content, subscribers will follow. It is all about what keeps your viewers watching for the max amount of time that draws YouTube in recommending your content. That way they have a better opportunity to get more ads in front of viewer which = more money for them. It is a win win really. Rather have 10 amazing quality videos than a 1000 average videos. I wish you all the best in your journey!


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I don't want to be the best creator on a pile of half-baked videos put out by people who never took the time to learn how to edit. I want my name associated with great artists and filmographers.
Yup! This. Can't tell you the number of times people say, "Watching your videos is like watching a movie." Yup, I want every fishing adventure to be a like a Jacques Cousteau documentary. Of course my tutorials and product review content does not have to be of that same "quality," but the same principles apply in terms of editing.

For some reason people think the ease of video consumption equates to an ease of video production. No. It's supposed to hard. If it's hard, then people who can't hang will boot themselves out the door. The people who develop the discipline to stick with it will grow. That's the test.

When people show up with three videos they ripped off from someone else's content, such people are not a content creators. They're just looking for a cheap dopamine fix. Honestly they feel entitled to get the same kind of cheap dopamine high the got from simply consuming the video.

Success equals doing the right things for very long periods of time. It has taken me eight years and 840+ video to get to 11k subs. That's all original content from day one. That's a lot of blood, a lot of sweat, and a whole lot of tears. Most everyone have a cellphone these days that would put the computers the Apollo astronauts to shame. Most people haven't made the jump from consuming to producing.