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Automotive What is your dream car

Swisha G

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i think i have to agree with someone above that said a tour bus! that or an RV, with my logo on the outside and a full music studio on the inside


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What is your dream car and what is your dream car and how would you modify it if you were to get the car
My dream car would definitely be a classic 1967 Ford Mustang Fastback in a sleek black color. It's an iconic beauty with timeless appeal. If I were fortunate enough to own one, I'd keep the exterior mostly stock to preserve its vintage charm. However, I'd make some modern upgrades under the hood for better performance, like a more powerful engine and improved suspension. The goal would be to enjoy the classic aesthetic while experiencing the thrill of a modern driving experience.
I am hoping that my dream car is yet to come, and it will be a roomy preferably V16 engine, something in the style of the old classic cars of the 60s and 70s. Currently I have fulfilled one such dream, and it is an Opel Calibra though, a lot of restoration and an investment that will probably never end.