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Life What do you guys do for a living?!


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Use to work in accounts/administrator. Working to rectify this.

Also a streamer and vod editor for a esports team in the UK while providing the framework to lauch as a LTD/LLC company.


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I'm a software engineer for a pretty big company. I'm actually pretty excited to get larger on YouTube to have people guess what my full-time job is; I don't think most people would guess that I'm in software engineering. That's gonna be a fun conversation down the line, lol!

Xavier De Buck

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Real estate agent by day
Youtuber by dusk
Male stripper by night
Comedian by morning
(well, 3-out-of-the-4 at least - working on the 4th)


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I am a curious person. So I'd like to know what do you guys fo for a living?!
Is it Youtube, like through and through? Or are you streaming on Twitch like me and relatively new to YT?
I am a pole dance instructor and been that for the past 13 years, but, now due to Covid... it's a bit on a halt, but I hope to get back to it soon again!
and I am working on to hopefully be recording some music soon! hehe! :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:
I'm a life coach and spiritual advisor as my income. My youtube channels are not monotized yet, but I'm having fun enjoying doing them :)