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Question How to view the number of subscribers channels have directly from the search page?


New Member
Hi everyone, What got me to sign up for tubebuddy right now is that I'm doing some market research. I saw a demonstration online where you could use TB to see the number of views a video has and the number of subscribers that channel has all from the search page. (and therefore get a sense of whether people are searching the topic.

I have subscribed for a Tubebuddy Pro account, but I'm not seeing this feature when I do searches. Is this because of my account, or do I need to adjest a setting?



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Basically, when I click on your video I will see all this information and your tag too for that video. But this is not possible if I have disabled some of this features on my YouTube channel. As you can see my channel views and subcribers is not public cos that is my setting for now so no one can see it.