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Need Advice Do you ask your friends and family to subsribe?

Stanley | Team TB

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I didn't even tell my family about my channel until I was over the 3,500 sub mark and only then because they started seeing post to social media accounts. I don't ask them to sub, more than i ask aybody else. My opinion is if I am not providing content that you want to subscribe to (regardless of whether you are a famliy member or not) then why am I asking for a subscription? That has to be earned. I'm doing fine where I am at, I am proud of my work and if you want to cool. I even make fun of the 'Subscribe' CTA by giving really stupid reasons to subscribe. Makes it kind of funny.
If they want to support me that's cool, but it is more important that my family can take some pride in showing their friends what their family member does. If they can't do that then I need to continue improving and if they can do that then there is no reason asking them.

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I mentioned it to my closest friends when I first started, so I had maybe 2 or 3 subs out of the gate, but I never actively asked people I knew. I kind of found it to be cheating to ask strangers or even friends. I wanted my videos to be found on their own merits. I wanted to "earn" the subscribers and views. For me, even the idea of marketing of promotion felt like cheating. I know people are in a rush to get their milestones, but for me, rushing the milestones took away the rewards and "honor" of knowing that my videos got the views they got because they deserved the views, and the subscribers I got were earned because people saw value in my videos.

So in a way, I'd hide the fact that I had a channel from most people because I didn't want the attention. I've always just wanted to make the art, get it out there and just let people enjoy it passively, but getting any kind of reaction kinda goes against my introvert personality. Organic accidently finding my content feels more rewarding because it means my work is worthy. Asking feels like cheating personally. I don't judge those who ask their friends, but it's just not my style personally.


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Yes. i ask them what else should be improved in my content. because I love creating massive creative content in this platform


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It's a must to get started fast! I'm trying to get a 100 subs before I launch my first video in Nov 1. I think about this as creating a landing page and gathering emails. It's the same concept but with subscriptions. Once I do have a video, I hope that leads to more views through the algorithm!

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We advertise ourselves to our friends and family and people we meet, but of course we give them a heads up as to what type of channel we are. No sense in having people subscribe if they are not interested in travel after all.

We've noticed YouTube is a bit of a numbers game and people tend to work under the assumption that a channel with more subs or a video with more views is better. Of course that is more often than not an inaccurate assumption.


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Yes I did. It was important to me psychologically to see my work pay of. Yes I know it is inflated because it is family and friend, but they got me where I am today. I;m growing and it's insane.

So friend and family have my vote! Ask them to help, give a like on your videos. These people are willing so why not?