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Good morning,

Who knows what happened to the free social bluebook access we all had? I was trying to log in but it is requesting that I have to subcribe. Now that is not what I bargined for. It was free for some features, so what made them change.

I mean, can't this apps help small vloggers a little with little features? Feeling very down by this.

Tito Tim

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I just went to login and it accepts my password... but takes me to a payment page. Looks there is no free level anymore. I never saw anything there worth paying for, so I guess I am done with them.

Oh, I did find on the TB tools, on the YT Dashboard, a link to "valuation". It opens a page with your value as set by Blue Book. So we can see it through TB, but can no longer log in to the Blue Book site on our own. that is good enough for me.

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