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Thumbnail Feedback what do you think?

what do you think?

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Beanie Draws

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Moved to YouTube Thumbnails and Photography as this is the proper section for this question. It has some good elements, but some bad elements. I think the font choices need to be changed, but the photo is good, it just needs to be enlarged more. Get rid of the to left, bottom left, and top right icons. A thumbnail shouldn't have "Subscribe" or your instagram icon on there. If someone looks at your thumbnail and leaves it to go onto your instagram, you've just killed that session which will hurt the video. You don't need the youtube icon in the bottom left. Branding is sometimes important, but no one really cares that much about branding, just have the photo large and clear (your's is clear, just needs to be larger) and I'm not a fan of the masterchef typography. that style is very grunge and dark which I don't think fits with the theme you're going for here. so remove those logos and icons and see how it looks then.


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A few points:
  • The kids thing is a bit too large as you will have the timestamp at the bottom right corner.
  • There are some unnecessary things like what @Beanie Draws said, like for example, if you put the Instagram profile in your thumbnail, it would result in people leaving the platform by clicking on the IG profile.
  • The fonts need to be changed.

kitchen c/o ammama

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I totally agree with all... especially the fonts. Maybe a eye pleasing small fonts with " Kids Master chef Jodi".. maybe ..
The Kids really look cute. All the Best !