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Spanglish | Team TB

Life ain't no Nintendo Game
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Not sure what your previous image looked like but this one looks pretty good. I would recommend including your logo/avatar in a corner of the image. I always recommend putting your logo/avatar on thumbnails so that when ppl see your video in a search your logo/avatar becomes known thus promoting your brand.

The New Gardener

New Member
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very eye catching and makes you want to know what its about for sure. as previously mentioned adding branding would make sense.

Beanie Draws

Mythical Poster
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graphically it's not bad. I'd add a bit of drop shadow to the text because it's a little contrasty over the gun. red text over a red gun makes it a little hard to read.

Generally I like to blur my vision a little (pretending I'm tired) and If I can still read it, it's good to go, but there's a lot graphically in this thumb that's fighting for attention, where as I'd focus on visual heirachy (that's a design PRINCIPLE that's not often talked about)