Gear Question Do you ever buy random pieces of cloth for taking photos on?


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I have several random pieces of fabric material I like to use to take photos on. I don't have any fancy lighting or green screen or photo taking equipment. So I just buy what looks pretty or eye catching and have decided to try and take videos facing downward at the items I'm trying to record and just talk about the item as I'm showing it. I plan to do this for unboxing videos and review videos.

But here's the problem sometimes the material is to thin so I crinkle the material or I kind of pillow the material behind the product. I was thinking about using some thicker poster board to place under the material to make it look thicker but not sure.

If you use random pieces of material how do you store your material.

Do you store in baggies?
Do you fold them or roll them?
Do you organize them by size?
Or by style?
Do you use them as small backgrounds?
Or just for flat based videos or photos?

I'm still a bit new to all this so just wondering.


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I don't buy random pieces of cloth to take photos on, however i use microfibre cloth to clean a lot of things.