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    In Progress TubeBuddy Button doesnt show, and the extension doesnt work on Youtube at all

    Next step might be going to chrome://extensions and removing and re-installing TubeBuddy. It seems to be working for us so hopefully that fixes it although it's always concerning when more than 1 person report the same issue.
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    In Progress A/B Test Thumbnail will not upload

    Hi James - sorry for the delayed response! What error do you get when you try to upload? You can also respond directly to me via email for a faster response:
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    Solved Limit of titles and descriptions translations

    The limit is 50 per day. This particular feature we have to pay Google for each time we use it so if we have an "unlimited" option in the future, we'd have to start charging our users for translations beyond 50. And if we do that, we hope to automate things even more where you can do many...
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    TubeBuddy Suggestion Show my videos in Sub Feed

    As a temporary workaround... do you ever use our Thumbnail Generator? Even if you don't end up publishing a thumbnail through it, you can upload your thumbnail and skip to Step 3 and see what it looks like against other videos for any search phrase.
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    Work In Progress Amazing Feature Request Idea

    Well... funny thing is that we actually did build this feature, we just never launched it. We got about 90% done but for various reasons, never deployed it. The idea is that we add a little Twitter icon up in the YouTube header and it lets you know if there are notifications of people Tweeting...
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    Affiliate Question how to make coupon for tubebuddy?

    All of our coupon codes end in "Buddy" (RisingStarBuddy, NicksBuddy, etc). You can email me ( with the requested code that you want and more details about how and where you will use it and we will decide whether or not to issue it. We usually do issue codes but just want to...
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    Planned Add Affiliate Info on Tweet Option

    I went to work on this and realized there might be an issue. In order for affiliate links to work, we need a full url not just a coupon code. So it would have to be "Posted via @TubeBuddy - Install free at{affiliatecode}". Which is not only long but might confuse Twitter when...
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    Here's the deal - technically, it would be possible. Here's the problem - we are worried that bulk/mass commenting across your entire channel might get flagged as a bot/spam/etc and get your account suspended. Here's the good news - we're talked about it a lot in the past but your message...
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    TubeBuddy Suggestion Replace a Video

    Makes a lot of sense. People have asked for a simple way to Copy -> Paste all meta data from 1 video to another and this takes it to the next level...
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    Planned Add Affiliate Info on Tweet Option

    Great idea - I will add it to the list. Should be able to get this done shortly after VidCon
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    Work In Progress Filter comments - sort by oldest / newest & most thumbs up

    As far as sorting - it feels like it might be fairly complex but possible. One limitation is that we could only sort comments that are displayed on screen. So if there are 20 comments listed, we could only sort those 20 and not pull older videos. Sorting by thumbs up would be similar. Complex...
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    Service Looking for YouTube Certified Consultant to help with TubeBuddy Tag & Keyword Research

    Thanks for the message Shah. Just shot you a quick email and will follow up w/ full details soon via email.
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    In Progress Keyword Explorer Issues with Chrome OS

    Weird! That's a new one. Does this happen with any other browser extensions? I tried to look up that error message and see it on other extensions but they basically tell people just to repair or re-install...