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YouTube Question How to grow a you tube channel

how to grow

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Hello, my name is Brook, and I have a YouTube channel about driving school. My videos cover topics such as manual driving lessons, automatic driving lessons, intensive driving courses, and crash driving courses. However, I'm not sure how to grow my channel and boost my videos. I'm seeking tips and tricks to help my YouTube channel thrive. Please guide me on how to achieve this.
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Heres what I would do, search for other driving school videos and filter by most popular on views and liked videos. Watch them and get an idea of what works, why you liked it, look at the editing style and how long the videos are etc.
Then start creating your own videos using some of the aspects that you saw work on the other successful YT video channels, just keep uploading content, you need at least 100 videos out there before you can understand what works and what doesn't, use YT Studio.
Try and have a 'hook' to the video at start, i.e. 20 second intro with some bad mistakes, or things that went well etc, as you get into the videos you will start to get your own style.
Respond to comments and just keep going, it takes a lot of hard work to make a channel, people often give up !