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Answered I lost my TubeBuddy on my way to You-Tube

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Nody | Team TB

TubeBuddy Staff
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I was ask to put this on my post thread by my Tube-buddy, but he got lost and I can't find him.
Transplant fig tree from pot to pot - YouTube
I don't understand why there are no likes or comments? But people did watch it, which is the part I don't understand.

Hi, the issue you've stated isn't related to TubeBuddy. We can't say why you ain't receiving comments. It's up to your audience whether they wish to engage or not. It's recommended that you add the necessary CTA's so they know that they need to add the comments.

In the above video that you have linked, I do see that you have received around 2 likes, as compared to the amount of views you have received. It seems that your subscribers are indeed watching your videos, but when it comes to engagement, you need to ask for the likes or ask them to comment what they think about the video and so on.

There's nothing much we can do here from TubeBuddy's POV. It's up to the content creator how he or she can deflect their audience and make them aware that such engagement options exist, and you're looking forward to those.

That said, I'll close this ticket.

Hope this helps :)
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