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Answered Bulk replace Descriptions

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Stanley | Team TB

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Unfortunately there have been some changes to the way we collect our data for these tools, and along with out competitors we will be deprecating the Bulk Card and Bulk End Screen features from service.

But there is a silver lining; card/endscreen templates make the upload and best-Practices process easier and more streamlined but they do not promote the sort of engagement that you are looking to achieve with these features. Rather than simply checking-off the Best Practices and moving on we are going to actively encourage users to utilize these elements for more natural, intentional purposes. They will need to be set manually in your content but a card that pops up at a specific point in a video where the creator is providing a Call-To-Action (CTA) for the viewer to engage with a link or a different video/playlist are far more effective than a card that simply pops up on screen. The same holds true for end screens.

It is unfortunate that this tool is no longer available... but in all honesty this should very easily be a net-gain for any creator who is now going to take the time to put more emphasis on the value a planned and placed card or end screen can provide.

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TB is having a lot of problems working with YT backend server functions at the moment. The last time I tried a bulk edit of any kind it was not working. Hopefully, they can get this fixed soon. As far as bulk replacing entire descriptions, I doubt that it can do that, UNLESS all of your descriptions are identical. Honestly, I cannot see how having identical descriptions on every video would be remotely beneficial. I have sections on every video that are the same, such as a disclaimer, that occasionally I need to update and modify, but having the identical description on every single video seems that it would be detrimental to your channel.
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