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Need Advice Videos or streams on a new channel?


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What will get more views on a new channel with 0 subs? Videos or Streams?

The Kitchen Gamer

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What will get more views on a new channel with 0 subs? Videos or Streams?
It all comes down to SEO, Quality of Content, Thumbnail Design and a whole lot more so there is no sure fire way to get more views with a channel that has zero subs as your unknown to everyone else also bots etc are the worst way to get subs and views.
These are only the tip of the iceberg of getting more views etc, I'd recommend watching Nick Nimmin and Roberto Blake they're good along with heaps more on YT.

Stanley | Team TB

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What's important is that you produce the best content that you can... I actually advise doing streams and videos (and Shorts!). They each attract different viewers.
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Yeah, it's hard to say starting out. Stanley's advise is best. Here in the southern USA, we love our fire arms. "Blast'em with the scatter gun and see what sticks." In other words if you produce a large variety of well-produced, relevant content, you will build an audience over time.
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Ask you yourself these questions; "Why do I want to do YouTube? Do I want to do it because I have a passion I want to share with others? Do I want to do it because I want to make money? Do I want to do it because I want to be famous?" The answers to these questions will be the primary deciding factor in how you go about doing YouTube.

If your reason for doing youtube is because you have a passion, then follow your passion and don't worry about subscribers or views. Youtube is a great place to follow your passion.

If your reason is to make money, then forget your passion and what you want and follow the popular trends. Find out what is the most popular type of content and figure out how to make it for yourself. You may discover that YouTube is not the best place for you to make the most money.

If you want fame, study famous internet personalities that came out of nowhere (did not have fame before starting YouTube) and try to mimic their path. Again, you may find that YouTube may not be the right place for you to find fame.