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Channel Review How to take my channel to the next level


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User name: Steverd
Title of thread: How to take my channel to the next level
Self review: This channel is gaining 200-300 subs a months, with over 180k views a month and over 800 videos. I feel my channel could be growing faster. I have been working on my thumbnails and seem to be more focused on reviews and our dogs in the last year vs so much varitety like in the past.
Channel review or Video review? Channel review
Link to channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/Stevesrealworld
Link to other review post: https://community.tubebuddy.com/index.php?threads/26296/

We Rhetty TV

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Love the artwork! Your thumbnails were so intriguing I didn't know which video to click on first...lol I also like how you included how often new content will be available on your home channel page. Don't recall seeing that. And I think you guys may have convince my family to get a dog...lol


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Hey Steverd, your channel is looking really good. Thumbnails are attractive, channel look is awsome, just the titles in your videos are a bit behind (my opinion). I saw you have a few k views on some videos so that means you made a good keyword research before posting but you lack keywords in your desription. Try throwing in some of words from you title, so that the metadata match (Title, description, tags-also). I'm a beginer in youtube and this is from what i have seen and learned so far. I hope that helps.


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Hey Steve,

Taking a look at your page, I think the thumbnails are VERY good, the banner is awesome, the titles are great, the videos have the content you are looking for when you click on them.

One MAJOR issue though in my opinion.

Why would I subscribe to your channel? If I am looking for videos of cute dogs, I get lawnmower reviews in my feed. If I am looking for videos of live music, I get dogs in my feed. Sometimes videos of candy reviews pop up. Sometimes food stuff. Its all over the place. And your intro video is a lawnmower review, not describing your channel at all!

Everything is so great, but there is no focus, and I think that is MAJORLY hurting you. Just my two cents.


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Hello mate! Okay first things first! The thumbnails. Some thumbnails look like you spent quite some time on them and others just look like mix in. It does seem the thumbnail styles are consistent. Some scream click more others are like meh. Example the lawnmower video looks very crisp then your crazy peppermint video looks low effort. Would be nice if it was kept consistent. Another thing someone mention is the content. Your content goes from dogs to electronics? As a variety channel I know itΓÇÖs fun to have mix content but if the content is another side of the youtube niches then itΓÇÖs going to drive your viewers away. Channel video quality is good. Audio quality however can use some improvement. Try audacity to get rid of that pesky background noise. Otherwise youΓÇÖre doing pretty good keep it up!


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One thing I have learned is to make the thumbnails engaging! You have some playlists with great thumbnails that are of high quality and some that not so much. Especially the animal ones. I'm for some consistency and that might help! Seems like your channel is going the right direction already!