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its been almost 1 month since i joined tubebuddy community and youtube community! I've grown a lot 20 subscribers and 1K views with 14 videos! TubeBuddy is a great tool to use it can help you to grow!!!
Hey guys i am David Helm, and I am a college student who loves to make videos on YouTube. I am also looking for a job in graphic design so i can make more videos for you guys to watch and enjoy. Make sure you are subscribed to my channel. I will see you in the next video bye guys.


剛出社會金克找行銷公司作廣告,花了上百萬作影片,結果成效不好,反而比用手機隨手拍的素材更多人看,在這樣經驗下,開始研究更接近人與生活的素材,發現好的素材其實可以節省很多錢,直到現在,依然保持著初心,把最簡單能夠拍出高 的技巧,傳授給想做好行銷的學員。
I beg for your support and support for my YouTube channel so that it can grow and provide interesting information about the automotive world, daily activities. Don't forget to watch my videos until they run out on the zainal_hsh channel and don't forget to subscribe, thank you.