Question What Are Your Ongoing YouTube Expenses?

Discussion in 'YouTube Discussion' started by xingcat, Aug 9, 2017.

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    Jul 13, 2017
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    We all hope someday to be paid crazy-huge amounts of money for being such FABULOUS YouTube celebrities, but sometimes, YouTube becomes another expense in the budget. If you do spend ongoing money (not big one-time purchases like cameras or editing equipment, but regular expenses) on your video creation, what do you spend it on? Games? Makeup? Travel?

    For me, it's always more material to build more puppets and things for them to interact with. We pretty much need new props every week, and while I try to be frugal by buying stuff from the Dollar Store and making a lot out of cardboard and paint, I do spend a bit more than I probably should on those silly felt creatures of mine.

    What about you? What's straining your wallet for your channel these days?

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  2. Tito Tim

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    Jul 29, 2017
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    No real expenses on mine as of yet. I film with my Samsung phone. I did buy a cheaper phone last year, was unhappy with the camera and bought a better one (I was unhappy with more than just the camera, though and would have bought a new one anyway). I mostly vlog daily life, so if I film a vacation or other activity - it is a trip we would have taken anyway. I don't use any props or supplies on a regular basis. I do some charity work, and that does cost me a little, but I do fund raising to pay for most of it. Also, I did the charity work before I did vlogs. I did buy a mic last year, but it was 150 pesos ($3 USD). That hardly broke the bank. My biggest expense was buying a drone for $100. I wanted it for a long time and YouTube was my excuse... :cool:

    I suppose that my filming does effect my decisions of what to do/where to go, so that may influence me to spend more... but that seems to be stretching it to make a point. Guess maybe I am lucky. I can see that you would spend more with puppets and other supplies.

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    May 28, 2016
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    The need to buy more equipment... apparently my brain is telling me I now need a backdrop lol. Though I do want a new camera, but that won't be until next year. Oh wait, that's not what you meant.

    For my visual novel side of the channel, I do need to buy them. The indie ones are usually around $2 - $10. Although sometimes they do range from $30 - $60 also o_o

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    YouTube is a way for me to fund my hobby. (Guitar Fiddling) The YouTube revenue I make goes directly into projects. I'm starting to sell a few things on Ebay as well, for even more funding. I'm self employed and our (Australian) tax laws require declaration of income. So it's a bit of a win.
    Buy it - fix it - make a video - generate revenue - then sell it on eBay. Rinse and repeat. :p

  5. Life Effects

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    Jul 11, 2016
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    Don't let me start on that :laughing: I spent quite a bit on gear and software.
    - camera
    - now the 3rd Year of Creative Cloud
    - a ton of plugins that are now rendered semi usefull since I tend to do more Houdini
    - Houdini licence xD
    - several courses
    BUT aside being a youtuber it also feeded my journey in the VFX world.
    Youtube will probably never bring me the revenue to cover all of that but DOING youtube brought me places where this starts to solve itself in other ways.

    So don't be shy to spent some money on your passion. ;-)