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    So I've been working away hard at my channel since it began in August 2013, 4 and a half years ago. However it only has 223 subscribers and 11k views after so long. To make things worse most/all my subscribers are inactive.

    Now the main issue is that the videos themselves don't get views, and on the rare ocassion that they do, they don't produce any further growth. In fact, I recently uploaded a video that got 100 views, an insane amount for my channel. However it didn't earn me any subscribers. In fact since uploading it I lost 2. Is it just because of something being wrong with my SEO? Or is there some bigger problem on why my videos don't get views? I even promote everywhere I can, however no promotion actually does anything.

    This is all extra confusing when taking into account the start of my channel. The start was pretty decent, with most of my videos getting around 50-80 views each, with a few getting around 200, and one even got 320 views, the most views any of my videos got so far. I didn't even know what tags were at the time, yet my videos were still getting around 50-80 views. And I only had 45 subscribers at the time as well. When I started adding tags, the views stayed around the same.

    And now more recently, my most popular series, my Pokemon TCG openings, also dropped down in views. They used to have this huge spike in views within the first 30 minutes since my first Pokemon TCG opening, however overtime that spike became much smaller, and the videos get way less views afterwards also. Pokemon TCG openings also have more competition that most of my other content, yet it still gets the most views. So maybe there's a problem in that? Should I be aiming more at higher popularity, higher competition content?

    Here, for example, is a subscriber comparison between my channel (green) and another channel with very similar content to mine, but which was only started this year:

    And that's just one example out of many, pretty much most channel started around the same time as me and a lot started even later could be used as an example of the abysmal growth my channel has, despite consistent uploading of quality content (or at least content better than a lot of clickbaity channels with more subscribers than me somehow), audience interaction (as much as it is possible with a channel so small with so many inactive subscribers), and a bunch of video promotion. I also upload 6 videos a week, so the chances of someone seeing and channel are as high as possible.

    Please just don't assume I feel discouraged by all of this, as people seem to think that just because my channel is doing so bad I may feel demotivated. However that's not the case at all. I just don't care about motivation and stuff like that.

    So overall, what I am doing wrong if I only have 223 subscribers and 11k views after 4 and a half years?

    My channel:

    Self Review: I haven't really got an issue with my videos so to speak, because I wouldn't post a video if it has a clear flaw, it just wouldn't make any sense. If I see something is wrong, I'm proactive about it and fix it. Not fixing it would simply be lazy and not helping my channel as much, as the video wouldn't be as appealing to the people of YouTube. I believe the videos have a good flow to them, are upbeat, interesting, and entertaining.

    Link to review:

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    Hello there
    so sad to hear your channel isnt grow up after 4 years ....
    I can give you few suggestion of my view and you can take them or ignore is up to you
    maybe im right maybe im wrong

    i see is your title most of time you are useing Pokemon TCG 1st Pokemon isnt popular use Pokémon(in tag use both Pokémon and Pokemon)
    Keyword Status: Pokémon
    Keyword Status: Pokemon

    Also you can use more relevance tittle like Cards not TCG and here is why ( #3 relevance )

    Your video description is 2 to 3 lines (this is not include links below)
    first 2 lines are good only for search result , other way as much information you give about the video YT will know more about this video and when/where to show to other people
    Tags there is totally wrong for me , here are 2 of your tag
    "pokemon tcg sun \u0026 moon base set" "pokemon tcg hau" "pokemon tcg how many supporters"

    Result:pokemon tcg sun \u0026 moon base set - incoming Views 0 for sure

    Result:pokemon tcg hau - incoming views very bad around 0


    Result: pokemon tcg how many supporters - incoming views very bad


    Use something like this "pokémon how many supporters"
    Result: some view will come soon or later
    P.S i wont use even this tag if search volume isnt at less on 50%

    There is more things that you can improve but i think this is main one
    fix this one first and then we can reviews again

    My suggestion is :
    You have 254 videos so take 50 videos that are old and have no/low views and edit them one by one even if its take month or so...
    use relevance tittle , better tags (even if they have more competition no worry i will show you why) longer descriptions

    Look at this tag "Fail"

    This all tags are very competitive but i use 2 or 3 of them in last few videos
    and im getting views because search volume is so high


    I start my channel 2-3 months ago and im reading every single day how to improve my videos and each day i see more and more mistakes that i made in the beginning and soon i will do mass refresh on all videos because of previews information i give you :)
    Im a small and new channel and is up to you if you take my suggestions or not ... good luck

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    When checking out a few of your videos it looks like you rarely are ranking on your tags. Pokémon is a very competitive topic with millions of videos and even if you go more niche and search for Pokémon tcg you get like 1.6 million videos. If nobody can find your videos among all does millions of Pokémon videos it doesn’t matter how good your videos are you won’t get any views.

    I’m making videos for a much smaller and less popular game than Pokémon and still my videos disappear behind bigger more popular channels all the time. The videos I do the best with are often videos that are like a niche videos inside my game with smaller amount of competition, most of the videos that have gotten the most views are so niche that they are only competing with like 2-10k videos rather than 1+ million videos that show up if I search for the game.

    Try to find some really niche stuff related to Pokémon, might not be many people that search for it, but I rather be number 1 on a search term that only 100 people search for than number 300 for a search term 10 million people search for. Then of course as your channel grows and get more views you might be able to go for more competitive Pokémon terms.

    Other than that I must say that you are getting 100+ views on videos pretty regular, I see channels with 1000+ subs that are getting less views, so clearly you are doing something right even if things is not moving as quickly as you would like to. Getting subscribers is not easy, my most viewed video during the latest 28 days have just over 5k views and only gave me 5 subs at the same time another video only had just over 2k views and got 9 subs.

    Try to find out why some videos work better than others. Study your analytics, try to find out what is happening and why. Especially interesting is to study Audience retention for each individual video, your goal is for it to be as high as possible, somebody who leave the video after 5 seconds wont sub, but someone who watches the whole video might or at least he may decide to watch another of your videos. So study your analytics and try to find out when people are leaving the videos, then watch the videos and try to understand why they are leaving the video at that point and then try to improve on that in future videos to see if you can increase the audience retention. Going from an average AR of for example 25% to an AR of 50% would probably mean a lot more subs and viewers in the long run. I’m still struggling with this myself, getting around 40-45% audience retention at the best and I’m far too often below 30% but hopefully I can improve with time.

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    Oh, that \u0026 thing was just something tubebuddy added in. Fixed it now.
    Already tried, but as you can see, hasn't helped at all.
    Again, done all of that already yet still nothing.
    Again, done that already and still nothing.
    You call that struggling? The average for me is 15-20%.

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    My average is below 30% and at least to me that's a sign that I need to improve on my videos and find ways to better keep the viewers attention. I have been studding my own videos recently and I actually have found a few things I will do different in the future and that I think will increase viewer duration. I also plan to study the more popular channels and videos in my channels genre and try to learn from them, what are they doing different? What are they doing better than me? How are they keeping the viewers interested enough to watch the whole video?

    I'm not saying it's easy, my goal is to reach around 50% average percentage viewed, but I know it's going to be very hard, could take many years and it may never happen. But one thing that is 100% sure is that if I don't try at all my videos will definitely never improve. The good thing is that you can get better, you can learn, and you can improve. Myself I have learned more about YouTube and videos during the last 4 months then I did during the previous 4 years, and if I can keep that up imagine how much I have learned and improved in a few years?

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