Seeking Advice Video series Titles. Change them up or leave them?

Discussion in 'Content Strategies' started by Ceorge_Christofi, May 25, 2018.

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    Jan 17, 2018
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    I have just had a wild thought come into my head (it happens sometimes at my age).

    I am currently running a video series and for consistency I title the videos 'Jonell 1949 Tabletop Radio. Restore an old John Lewis radio Pt. 1' then 'Jonell 1949 Tabletop Radio. Restore an old John Lewis radio Pt. 2' etc. (i'm up to part 5 at the moment)

    Is this actually the best way to do this sort of thing, keeping in mind that the 70 character limit? Should I be changing the last part of the title after the radio brand or keeping it all the same as I have been?

    I already have set the playlist the videos are in as a series playlist so does the title content matter as much?

    I just wonder how the algorithm treats it?

    Any ideas good people?
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    wow... have I got the whole community stumped? is this something that nobody has any idea about? I wonder if Andrew K could get this as a topic for a stream or podcast? Ask Derrel, Dusty, Nick Nimmin... someone must have an idea.