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    Hi, I used to be a guy who did stuff but I'd rather not focus on that right now. I'm here to share my latest idea for my own content strategy and what's worked for me in the past.

    When I was a gaming YouTuber I had a lot of success with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in this I learned how to pick specific phrasing that people would use when they were looking for inforation. This is a valuable skill no matter your content strategy and should always be in your "kit" so to speak. to make something very complex as short as possible SEO on YouTube comes in 4 parts one is mandatory, and 2 of the rest should be done for longevity. The #1 thing I can say for SEO is to optimize for watch time. this means little or no luls, keep the info coming, be direct and to the point, as part of this if you have other similar content always link to it via cards and/or in the description to increase session watchtime and build rapport with an audience. that part you MUST DO!! the other 3 parts can be mixed and matched. your tags section must include the search phrase as well as similar topics, this is where you add context. be sure to add your search phrase in your description in plain conversational English as well something like "Hey guys, in todays video we learn how to wash a cat" is fine if you're looking to optimize for the phrase "how to wash a cat" Don't spam your keywords, but smart phrasing will get you places. Now for titles, with respect to that, you can optimize a few different ways and this is that one i said you had wiggle room on, you can optimize for clicks, search, or both. a clickthrough optimization would be something like "This is for her own good - Kitty bath tips!" with a matching thumbnail. a SEO optimized title would be more boring such as "How to wash a cat" or whatever phrase you're optimizing for. Oddly enough sometimes, if your video holds enough watchtime the more fun title is better because it drives clicks which drives watchtime which rewards you in the search algo. there's a lot more to SEO but that's the basic stuff.

    Monetization. YouTube is like having a drunk uncle, sometimes the cash is free flowing, other times he yells and smells bad. either way he's family. Don't count on YouTube for all of your money, in fact I'd say don't count on it for any money. build everything like a retirement portfolio, be diverse. a few amazon affiliate links here, some sponsored spots there, maybe do a speaking gig at a local school, buisness,etc. I'm currently in the process of writing a few books based off of the previous 3 years of my life which I'm hoping do well enough for me to worry less about money and that costs me nothing up front thanks to Amazons publisher platform. that's right I'm about to be a published author. Amazon takes a cut of course but meh, that's no big deal seeing as I'm essentially just fleshing out old YT scripts into book form and writing about some extra experiences that weren't shared on camera. Get creative with your monetization strategy, I've done food shoots for local resturaunts, sponsored stop ins at local diners, product launches, the list goes on. I suggest making a list of your skills and then finding creative ways toturn those into cash. Many of my monetization gigs don't end up being seen by my core audience because I don't upload them, they end up being commercials run for local resturaunts, videos for their facebook feeds, etc. monetizing your skillset doesn't always mean selling out.

    have fun.
    No joke if you're not doing this it will end up just like that soul sucking 9-5 job that you want to leave. Sometimes having fun means you have to change things up or pull a total 180 with your content. that's ok. be true to you and eventually people will get your journey.

    yes, I know this thread is a little all over the place but I was writing some passages in the books mentioned above and I had to get this out before it was all I coud think about so you get to benefit from my ADHD today! :p

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    Don't mind me, I just need to quote this lil bit here...
    Ah, now that THAT is outta the way...
    Thanks for the post! The title bit I am often changing. I tend to try and optimize for searchability, but I still like it to sound a bit more fun. At least I hope that's how it's perceived.
    I definitely agree with the monteization tips and that you should stay diverse. I have a few different things going on, one of which has actually been at least somewhat profitable, so hooray! That would be the Humble Bundle partnership. It's exciting because I love it and it works perfectly as a gaming channel, but can still reach other interests because of their software, book, comic and other bundles.
    I will keep trying to improve on the title thing and who knows? Doing a complete 360...Okay, bad joke...180 may actually help! One thing I like about having a smaller channel is that I can experiment much more easily!

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    Some great advice, and we also got to see the different streets and alleys your mind goes down, LOL! Thanks for the tips!

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