New Not being ranked for a keyword :s

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    Hi Tubebuddy! :) The best tool ever! :)

    I'm not being ranked for a keyword :s

    I put it exactly in the title & the description in its not being ranked :s

    The keyword is "Gears of War 4 New Weapon Skins"

    It has a Good score of 61/100

    Moderate search volume

    Low Competition (Unweighted)

    Very Low Optimization Strength

    It's the first tag in the videos tag list

    I'm looking at the results page in it has me at rank 20 :s

    but no one on the results page has that exact keyword phrase in their title :s

    The yellow highlighter also doesn't highlight the whole title in the video for some reason but it does for the description? It skips "Of" and "Skin" in the title

    This is strange >.<

    I'm on Google Chrome Version 70.0.3538.77 on Windows 10

    I'm on Tubebuddy version v1.45.251

    keyword.png keyword2.png keyword1.png

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