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    Hi everyone! I originally found TubeBuddy through Brian G Johnson and Nick Nimmin, my favorite tool is by far the ranking tool and exploration tool (for finding the right tags), it's hard to choose 1 tool actually, the milestones are a great idea!! Works very motivating!

    The reason why I'm joining your forums is because I love youtube communities and getting to know more people that might even be in the same niche as I am.

    My name is Josephine De Smet and I'm a 23 years old youtuber with a music channel. On my channel I post covers, (in the future my own songs) and general vlog-ish stuff. I originally started my channel in 2008 and started posting in 2010... I just put every song that I finished that day on youtube and didn't consider my audience and the fact that there was more than simply posting a video. I restarted my channel in may 2017 and decided to put more effort in it. Thanks to many tips by Brian G Johnson and Nick Nimmin, my channel got a lot further and I feel that thanks to them and the many other youtubers that build their channels around helping others grow, that this is only the beginning of what could be an epic journey!

    I'm from Belgium but decided to start my channel in English mainly because of the possibility of reaching a broader audience. I currently set a minimum goal of uploading 2 video's a month but would love to expand that to uploading every week.

    My two biggest hobbies are songwriting and youtubing. I wrote over 60 songs (they aren't all that good but I'm proud of it) and have many more to come!

    My biggest dream is having a future where I can combine youtube with music and make a living out of that. Releasing my own songs and if possible even touring, that would be more than awesome!

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    welcome! to the community!

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    Great to see you from the streams and the @TubeBuddy channel!

    Really great thread deserves a sticky! I wish you and your channel all the best! I also fixed your sub button ;-)

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    Wow awesome, good luck to your singing career and Welcome to the community by the way. See you around, hope you will be active to the community as you will meet youtubers of same niche as you do.


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