Video Review My first attempt at a no commentary gameplay video - Two Point Hospital (Theme Hospital)

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    Hi all

    This i my first attempt at a no commentary gameplay walkthrough of Two Point Hospital (like Theme Hospital).

    I have sped the play through up so the clip isn't too long but I am wondering whether I should slow parts of it down so the viewer can see what I am doing or maybe speed the whole video up more to shorten it.

    I am also wondering how to keep retention up as I obviously don't interact with the viewer but I could add captions to point out important points.

    This is also one of my first videos that I appear in the intro instead of just a voice over. I think it is much better than my previous intros as the viewer can 'put a face to the voice' as it were and is therefore more engaging.

    I look forward to your criticisms as I am always looking to improve my content. No need to be nice just the cold harsh truth please

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