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    Morning Guys,

    I have a question for the expert about keyword Score: when I usually define the keyword list, i always search for those on youtube and choose the one that have Good Overall with higher or at least the same value for Competitors and Search Volume.

    Once of my video has got 1500 views after 10 days and views per day are increasing: analyzing keywrds, I've noticed that, in my opinion the best keyword possible for that video "Bugs 5W" (product name) ranked my video in third position: analyzing the overal for that keyword the result is POOR because there is an high search volume but an higher competitors...I think even if it's POOR this keyword will drive many and many views to my video just because I'm ranked third on the list.

    What do you think?

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    I'm not an expert, and in the future, if you want feedback on questions you may have, don't ask towards experts, because let's face it, we all grow and learn at different paces, and we grow best when we help each other out, expert or not. When it comes to YouTube, collaboration meets the best results, in my opinion at least.

    As for your question, Keyword Score is a gauge at which to measure how well your video, or perhaps one you're looking for, will appear in a list of results when someone types a specific keyword in a search engine. For example, if I type "puppies" in the search bar, the Keyword Score is "Very Bad" for the following reasons:
    • Extremely high competition - this means that videos that rank high in view count and watch time will appear first over the others that are likely very recent, have low view count, and/ or low watch time. This is bad if you're just starting out on YouTube because even if you include the tags professional YouTubers use, the fact that you're new makes it so that you won't show up, or dominate over other videos in the search results.
    • Extremely high volume - this means that there are perhaps thousands of videos under this keyword. This is great to consider when thinking of tags to include in your video because you want to be a part of that search volume.
    • Both combined - if you have extremely high competition and volume combined, it's bad because your video is not only competing with 10, but thousands of people for a spot in the search results. This will make your video unlikely to be found at all.
    So, in your case, even if the tag "Bugs SW" ranks you third on the list, the fact that there's more competition means that searching will need to be more specific, or else your video won't be found. The likely reason your video was ranked third is because it's more well-known: it has more views, it has more watch time, and it's likely being shared by others, but the score being low means that the keyword will likely not generate the results you're looking for.

    Did my best with this answer, hope it helps.

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