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Discussion in 'Content Feedback' started by Photoguy, Aug 6, 2018.

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    Self review: I think my video is ok but not that interesting visually. I think my next videos will be better where I'll be more active on screen. Also my voice isn't that good, first of all I'm not a native english speaker and second of all I tend to speak unclear. As if that wasn't enough I can be confusing and sidetrack a little or overexplain stuff.

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    Why not speak your native language? I've seen a lot of YouTubers grow fast simply because they were the first in their language to make content on a given topic.

    Jump straight in on the content. Don't tell me that you will tell me. Simply tell me: "Step one for making better pictures: Know your subject. Look at this picture for instance ..."

    The reason you don;t have to tell me what you going to talk about is because it is already in the title and thumbnail.

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    Honestly no.
    1st poor thumbnail
    2nd Instead of a shot of just the camera and a voice over why don't you hold the camera and talk into the one filming, and then cut to shots of it. People like watching videos with faces so show your face.
    3rd get rid of the intro before you mentioned what your channels doing your killing your dwell time most people will watch first 5 secounds if you haven't started talking there stop watching.

    4th Don't be upset by the above comments if i watch my first videos last year its terrible. I watch videos i make 4 months ago and there RUBBISH. Your get better and better and using tubebuddy and content feedback your learn more and more.