Channel Review I may be setting myself up for a beating. Tell me what you think.

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    Ok. I think I'm ok. I'm not brilliant, I'm not the funniest, I'm not shocking and I don't swear on camera. I'm having some self doubts though. My channel is one that is fairly niche in the fact that I deal with old and new electronics but not in a funny or complicated way. So come on... Bring me down to earth and tell me whats wrong and right.

    Self Review: This channel is one that is fairly similar to a lot of the others in the genre without the deep south accents. I feel it fits the genre well but from a different angle because of the variation in subjects. Its not just one radio, next radio, next radio but some reviews, some kit builds and some just for fun stuff mixed in. There are some guinea pig videos too, to show that underneath the stiff hairy face upper lip there is actually some humour too. I think the old thumbnails showed consistency but have recently been changed to Up The Game and to give a little better insight as to the video content.

    The videos are longer than a lot of others on YouTube but not as long as others in the genre which makes a change because you can still enjoy a complex subject without getting brain fried. Also, things are explained in laymans terms so anyone can understand whats going on without needing a Phd in electrical engineering.

    Audio wise there has been an improvement from the earlier videos and it is easy to hear what is being said. It's not perfect but its pretty good.

    There is a main video that comes out every Friday and usually one or two shorter snippet type videos that are mostly electronics related but not OTT nerdy that you get fed up with same old same old.

    On the whole, Its a channel that I can watch every video without fast forwarding or clicking away from.

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