Suggested Expanding the starter License a bit

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by kunicross, Jan 2, 2018.

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    Jul 12, 2017
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    Hey awesome Tubebuddy development Team, Happy new year!

    Sure everybody needs some money for his work and for me the main reason to stick with tubebuddy in the beginning was that the starter license is about half way usable compared with others out there.

    It's just - for a small channel or secondary channel who does not turn up a single dime it's just not feasible to pay a regular fee even if it's just 3,60 a month (I'll probably feast still the next black friday to get a lifetime pro license.. for both my channels ;)) and those small, starting channels are the ones that need the most help in the end.

    So maybe give them a bit more, like a certain times use of a feature per x months (for example let them refresh best time to publish once all 3 or 4 months) - if you can see the advanced features you will appreciate them much more and once a channel flourishes and turns into a actual business you can probably write off the tubebuddy expenses from taxes in most countries and it just does not matter much to pay for it. (I would probably pay for you guys even if I could get all the stuff for free... once I´m in the profit zone)

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    Tagging @Phil, if I were to take a guess it would probably be due to our YouTube API quota, so we have to keep some things minimal so all users can use :)